Название: The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization, and Equipment
Издательство: Department of the army
Год: 1991
Страниц: 456
Формат: pdf
Размер: 14,61 MB
Язык: английский

This field manual is part of FM series 100-2,The Soviet Army. The other volumes in this series are FM 100-2-1, The Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics, and FM 100-2-2, The Soviet Army: Specialized Warfare and Rear Area Support. The three volumes complement each other. Used together, they provide a thorough reference on the Soviet Army.

These manuals are the US Army's definitive source of unclassified informa-tion on Soviet ground forces and on their interaction with other services in combined arms warfare. The Threats Directorate, Combined Arms Command, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, updates these manuals periodically to provide the most current unclassified information available.

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